Gas Safe Central Heating Boiler Service

Q: How much is an average boiler Service?
  • A: Between £50-£70.
Q: How is a service done on a boiler ?
  • A: Before servicing any Gas appliance we will do what’s known as a Gas Tightness Test, for this we will need to have clear access to your gas meter. (Picture 1 Ok Picture 2 not so ok)
    This ensures there are no Gas leaks on your full property.
  • We will then run the boiler to confirm operation and take a flue gas analyser reading. 
  • The service will then include the following - 
    Remove the casing and check all seals are intact. 
  • Clean all the internal components inside such as the burner and condensate trap. 
  • Check the condition of the flue internally and externally.
  • We will then gas rate the boiler to check its efficiency, at this point we take another flue gas analyser reading to check omissions and air ratios and adjust if required.
  • Following this we will take a working pressure from the boiler.
  • A water sample will be taking and chemicals added if required.
  • And lastly we shall do another Gas Tightness Test.

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With Peak Heating you get a comprehensive, professional, Gas Safe service every time.

'Gas Safe' recommend that a domestic boiler and system is inspected and tested annually.